No.4, 2013


 An Empirical Study of Undergraduate Students’Learning Outcomes:

Verification in Terms of Achievement Types

 The ratio of students who go on to the university is increasing, and the university entrance exam is no longer adequate to ensure students' academic ability. Therefore, it is necessary for universities to ensure student learning outcomes at graduation. Based on this background, this paper aims to investigate the factors that influence student learning outcomes at graduation by focusing on achievement types. The study consisted of a survey in which the data of 715 students from 15 universities were collected between July and August 2011. The results showed the following. First, the achievement types gained in the first and second years were related to student learning outcomes at graduation. Second, in particular, the achievement type gained in the first year was the most relevant. Therefore, it is recommended that faculty should give special lectures during vacation periods and that staff should provide appropriate support for students with lower academic performance in every academic year.