Course Summary

Course Summary

Program Overview


The Department of University Management and Policy Studies was established at the Graduate School of Education in 2005 to offer theoretical and practical education on university management and higher education policy and to prepare outstanding scholars and leaders for this field. In the Master's Program, students learn basic theories and knowledge and apply them to case studies. Through the writing of a master's thesis, students develop into professionals who can bring broad perspective, professional skill, and practical decision-making to positions as university executives and administrators. The Doctoral Program provides students with the high-level research opportunities needed to be world-class scholars, executives, and senior managers who can lead university management and policy into the future.


Faculty members conduct research and analysis on the current state of university management and policy in Japan and abroad and examine university reform. In addition to theoretical research, our faculty perform domestic and international case analyses, contribute to shaping national policies on higher education, and engage in global dialogue on critical issues in the field. Every year, the Department hosts many symposia and seminars to which many distinguished scholars are invited from overseas. We are also creating a network of senior managers at Japanese universities and are becoming a hub for international exchange among similar educational and research programs in the West and Asia.

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