Course Summary

Students Data

Subject of Doctoral Thesis

The 2017


Shigekazu KAWASAKI
A Study on the Finance of Private Universities in Marketization of Higher Education

The 2015


Wen-Che  HUANG 
A study on the Relationships between College Students’ Campus Experiences and Learning Outcomes in Taiwan
Tianli YANG
An Empirical Study of Independent College Students' Development and  Learning Behavior in China
The 2014
Management and Finance of Private Higher Education Institutions in Modern Japan:
A Comparative Analysis between Keio University and Waseda University in 1903-1926
Learning Outcomes Assessment in the Context of American Higher Education:
Its Backgrounds, Logic, and Political Process
Fumitake FUKUI
Study on the growth of personal donations in U.S. Higher Education
The 2013
Shuai WANG
The Effect of the Financial Aid Programs in China:
Based on Student Survey in a Regional University


Subject of Master Thesis

The 2016

  • A Study on an Undergraduate Curriculum Modeled after a Liberal Arts College: Based on Survey Results on Students at the School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University
  • A Study on the Establishment and Change of the Faculty of Home Economics in Postwar Japan: A Case Study of Japan Women's University
  • A Study on the Curriculum of “Fashion Studies”: A Comparison of Japan, the U.S.A., the U.K. and France
  • An Analysis of Time Allocation for Educational Activities by National University Faculty Members
  • A Study on Human Resource Management at Japanese Universities: Review of the Results of a Questionnaire Survey Given to Members of Personnel Departments at Japanese National, Public, and Private Universities
  • The Making of a University at Ground Zero: Why and How the Two Million Hiroshimans Achieved the Impossible
  • Fifteen Years of Reform in National Universities for Teacher Education: The Development of Faculty As Seen from the Substantiation of Curriculum
  • Basic Research Support in Life Science: The Relationship between 'Efficiency' of Research Support and 'Realization' of Research
  • A Comparative Analysis between Japan and the U.S. of Students’ Leaves of Absence and University Support: With the Case of A University
  • An Empirical Study of Private University Scholarships
  • A Comparative Study of the Realities of Distance Higher Education in the U.S. and Japan: Based on the Case of Pennsylvania State University
  • Research on Resident Assistant Training at International Education Dormitories: From the Viewpoint of Learning-focused Student Support
  • A Study of the Relationship between  Management Stabilization and Management System in Small and Medium-sized Private Universities
  • A Study on Offshore Education in Australian Tertiary Education
  • Research on Educational Quality Assurance of Higher Education in China: Focusing on the Four-Year Universities in Beijing

The 2015

  • Significance of “Spirit of Founding” in Private Universities: A Focus on the Interrelation between “Spirit of Founding,” School Song, and Diploma Policy
  • Historical Analysis of the Autonomy and Academic Freedom of the University in the Era of Tokyo Imperial University President Kenjiro Yamakawa and the Tomizu Incident
  • Research on the Behavior of Establishing Departments in Private Universities: Trends from the 1990s onward
  • Ideas about the Late-1980s Financial Crisis at the University of Oxford
  • An Analysis of Curriculum in Radiological Technologist Training Education
  • Service Learning in Engineering in Japan’s Higher Education with Reference to Examples in the U.S.
  • International Research Activity at “Global Universities” in Japan: From a Trend of  Business Departments 
  • Verification of the Effects of the Adult Education Program to Improve Multicultural Adaptivity
  • The Reality of MOOC in Japan: An Analysis of JMOOC from the Perspective of Students
  • Empirical Research on the Occupational Significance of University Education:    A Professional Survey
  • An Analysis of Tuition Fee Revision in Private Universities